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Weird heading, right?

Well, to contextualize a little bit, it all started when I was watching a video of a famous architect called Ter. In that video, she mentioned that, actually, an igloo is the most efficient structure both thermally and spatially.

In my noob architect mind, that short sentence changed everything. Yes, it’s just a simple knowledge, but it made me think, why do we not build igloos everywhere, why are they so weird? Well, I’m obviously not talking about actual igloos, but wouldn’t it be cool if we had more domes in nowadays architecture?

As I’m a bit curious, I started to investigate more about domes in contemporary architecture, so here you have some pictures I found really interesting 🙂

In my investigation, I found out that here in Spain we have the called ?bubble hotels’, which are small individual rooms with a dome structure and a ‘opened ceiling’ that lets you see the sky trough the night.

That’s an advantage that I didn’t take in account when thinking of igloos, but it’s actually such a great idea to have transparent domes that let you see the sky, it’s pretty romantic.