My trip to Paris and how obsessed I am with baroque ceilings

Las month, I went to a quick trip in Paris. I was amazed by all the art pieces I saw and by the historical buildings that held them.

The first day, I went to visit the Louvre, putted on my headphones with a playlist I have to go to museums and started to surround myself by those beautiful pieces of art.

But then, halfway visiting the museum, I looked up and realized how incredibly beautiful the ceiling was. It may sound stupid, doesn’t it? Maybe if you think of a normal ceiling yes, but we’re talking about the louvre, everything is pretty fancy there.

However, I realized that, most of the times you’re just walking by, watching some things of interest having incredible pieces of art right over you, and you don’t even notice! You’d rather look at the floor than looking up. I don’t know whether if frustrating or amazing that sometimes finding art is as easy as looking up.

Since then, I started to look up every time I was in front of any building or inside it, I started to look at those little details people sometimes miss by being always on a rush.

Anyways, here you have some of the pictures I took (they’re all over my gallery) so you can see I’m not crazy. Maybe after taking a look at them you’ll decide to look up too next time! 🙂