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Here, I’m going to mention some of the main factors that will lead us to make a change on architecture:

  • Economic situation: in times of crisis, architects must think of ways to develop low cost buildings
  • Technical-scientific discoveries: as technology is advancing, architects will stick to it in order to make their work not only easier, but more efficient too.
  • Current concept of beauty: it’s an art that is constantly changing, and therefore, it will adapt in the future to that moment’s concept of beauty
  • Relationship with nature and global conditions: we’ve damaged too much the world in which we live, now, it’s time to make up for it and think of ways of building that have a low impact on nature
  • Health situation (Covid 19, famine …): this will affect mostly hospitals and nursery schools, but we’re already seeing this change in the way we organize the interior space due to covid, and we’ll see it in a few years in the way we design buildings.

There’s actually a lot of things that will change, don’t you think it’s exciting how architecture changes in order to make our life easier?