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On the past unit we defined what’s architecture (or at least we tried). Now, it’s the turn of those who make architecture possible. What is that person we call an architect. Which are the main characteristics almost all architects share.

So, what’s an architect?

Well, an architect is… A professional devoted to design, someone curious that is also thinking about how things are made. But it’s also someone with a powerful imagination, not only to solve problems but to create the most beautiful and fascinating structures.

An architect (or at least a good one) is a person with lots of knowledge, someone who is aware of the importance of culture. It’s someone who knows how to work with a team, how to lead it. Someone who knows how to communicate, but also how to understand his client’s needs in order to make the perfect buildings, it’s someone who understands what is to work with people and for people.

For that, everyone who wants to be an architect must learn to see, to analyze what’s in front of them, to learn from nature and other’s work. Then, once they’ve surrounded themselves by art and innovation, they must learn to be critical, skeptical, to not be ashamed of asking and giving their own opinion. And lastly, they have to learn how to create, how to materialize those ideas that have come after surrounding themselves with ideas and references. But they must learn this properly, so they can apply all this culture and great ideas in a way that they can actually materialize all that goes on their minds.

«To be an architect is to know how to recognize and interpret the reality that surround us, but also to be able to dream and imagin things that doesn’t exist yet.»

Alfonso Muñoz Cosme