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Architecture is…

One of the seven arts. It’s a palette of different parts itself. It is the art and science of drawing and designing the execution of a construction process. It joins the work on the aesthetic of the interior and exterior with the resolution of problems such as the comfort for all kind of collectives or the realization of sustainable and low cost buildings, and all of this by following certain regulations and using, since the very first beginning, a technique that define the way humans live.

It is an art, but it’s also a science, it’s the study of beauty trough its history, the culture and the composition, but also joining it with the most optimal design with the help of theory, investigation and technology.

It is a very varied art, as it has countless typologies and ways to be materialized depending not only on the context, but also on the historical period.

It’s also an art that has been interpreted many times by different artists: from Vitruvius «Architecture is the art of buildings», to William Morris «Architecture embraces the entire physical environment that surrounds human life.»

Although it’s not defined yet, don’t we all agree that architecture is such an art that comes from necessity?