Hi there! 🙂

I’m Laura Warmuz, a newbie in the designing world who’s currently studying her first year in Industrial And product Design Engineery, in the UPV.

I’m from a small town of the very south of Poland called Nysa. I was actually born in Valencia, but I spent most of my early childhood in Poland, travelling from one side to another and visiting my relatives.

Throughout my life, I’ve liked many things and had so much hobbies, but there’s two I’ve always been very passionate about: sports and art. I’ve been practicing archery since I was 8 and took it recently to a semi professional scope.

About art…. Well, since I can even remember, I’ve always been interested in the different forms of art. When I was a little, I liked to play with my mom to guess which painter a piece of art was based on its characteristics. I loved to go to museums and old cities where I could stare at classical buildings. But, above all of them, the artistical expression I’ve always liked the most is literature. From just reading to the composition of short texts, I’ve always found in words the best way to both escape from reality to get immersed in a whole new world and to express freely how you feel.

One of my favorite contemporary artists once said:

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.


It might not have sense at first appearance, right? Why would you ever want to make art uncomfortable if we’ve been searching for centuries the techniques to make beautiful and aesthetically pleasant art? How could you ever make something that has opposite effects depending on the beholder?

Well, some people says that it’s a thing that today’s artist make out of boredom, because they seem to be surrounded by too much perfection and rules to follow. However, in my opinion this is the most pure of the expressions of art. I’ve realized when writing or painting that art can have two main receivers: the artist itself, who makes art in order to express a feeling or calm an urge; and the spectator, the one that can turn this piece into a whole new composition by just interpreting it. Once I realized that, I started to look up for new ways of expression, I wanted to experiment with my own art in order to make people feel on a certain way. At first I just wanted them to feel the way I felt while writing those texts, whether I was anxious or passionate about something, I wanted to tell they felt the same way after they read it. But then, little by little I started to experiment with my art in such a way that it would not express my feelings anymore but theirs, I started to write so that they could see themselves reflected in my words, in a way that my art «comforted the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable».